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New and Exciting News for 2021!

O'Brien Pro is excited about what 2021 will bring to our customers.

The following are our new services, features, and plans for 2021 to better serve our customers:

  • Stratmann Trees: We are excited to announce that in 2020 Stratmann Trees merged with O'Brien Pro. With this merge, O'Brien Pro now provides tree health services, tree pruning, and disease management. Both existing O’Brien Pro and previous Stratmann Tree customers can now take full advantage of the benefits O'Brien Pro has to offer!

  • Soil Management - TREES: As part of the merging with Stratmann Trees we also offer a deep root feeding program for trees.

  • Soil Management - LAWN: A sprinkler system is only part of the equation to make a lawn look great! O'Brien Pro provides customized lawn fertilization plans including disease and lawn pest management from our Certified Professional Turf Managers (CPTM) through the Texas Turfgrass Association. An added benefit of being on one of our Soil Management - LAWN Plan members is an included sprinkler system inspection and 10% on all sprinkler repairs needed.

  • New website features: Our O'Brien Pro website has gone through a lot of changes during 2020. Starting in 2021, a new login feature allows customers to view their bills, pay invoices online, and see their service history. Wait, there is more! A special feature allows everyone to "Request Appointment" through our website. Please keep in mind, an online “Request Appointment” is not guaranteed. Anyone requesting an appointment date and time that is unavailable will be contacted to discuss options for different appointment times and/or dates.

  • Text message confirmation: When booking an appointment, our system will send an automated appointment reminder and ask for confirmation by responding to the text message. Please read the text message and follow the confirmation instructions to ensure we booked your appointment correctly. Customers can also “chat” with a Customer Service Representative using this text message.

  • New sprinkler maintenance plan: Starting in 2021, we will be offering the O'Brien Pro Advantage Plan. This is a residential sprinkler system membership that will allow us to keep an eye on your sprinkler system to ensure that it is running efficiently and effectively as possible while maintaining a beautiful landscape. What is included in the plan? We are glad you asked! You can enjoy:

3 annual visits that will allow us to complete a 16 point inspection of your

sprinkler system

10% off all repairs and upgrades to your sprinkler system

Replacement of two - 4 inch pop up spray head on each visit

Priority appointment booking

  • Love Your Lawn - Referral Rewards Program: Lastly, another upcoming benefit of 2021 is the Love Your Lawn - Referral Rewards Program. We feel that the best compliment anyone can give us is referring our services to your friends, family, neighbors, and social media. While we still appreciate a 5-star rating, a referral goes even further. For each referral that does business with O’Brien Pro, we will reward you with $25 off on your next repair or upgrade.

We at O'Brien Pro will continue to add new services over the next year. We are excited about what 2021 has in store and continuing to help our customers love their lawn again.

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