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What height should my grass be mowed?

It is a very simple question and many companies that mow lawns may not understand the importance of this question and the answer. When O'Brien Pro sets up your sprinkler system to run at the correct times and has your soil management program adjusted to the correct amount and blends of fertilizer and nutrients, it does not mean the grass will be perfect. The grass will not respond the way we want unless we use a formula including the right mowing height properly. The formula is simple:

Proper Amounts of Water + Proper Soil Management + Proper Mowing Height

= Healthy Grass

Mowing plays an equal part in the equation. Mowing too high can create disease issues while mowing to low can burn up the grass, especially in our Texas heat. Our grass is similar to the story of Goldilocks, grass likes to be mowed at a height that is “just right”.

So what is the correct height? That depends on what type of grass you have.

Bermuda - 1.5-2 inches

St. Augustine - 2.5 - 4 inches. We recommend 3-3.5 inches.

(Please note that all lawnmowers have different adjustment settings. The above is in inches and not the 3, 4, or 5 setting on the lawnmower itself.)

Many customers have told us that it is difficult to get their lawn company to mow at O'Brien Pro's suggested heights. We simply have one question: Do you work for your lawn company or does your lawn company work for you?



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